We supply a wide range of aftermarket products at BCD. Toner cartridges, drums, inkjet cartridges, P-touch tapes, labels and franking inks.

We have full price files and transactional catalogues listing all of these available on request.

With low return rates on our products including an impressive 0.029% on the premium range of toners we are sure you and your customers will be happy with the prints produced

With plenty of experience we also have the ability to source products not listed in the files so if you cannot source what you want from your normal suppliers give us a try.

This year we have added the full range of Ricoh OEM consumables to our offering. This is not available in our catalogues / price files so please ask us to quote.

Our current customer base have been very happy with the pricing and availability.



BCD’s recently launched their own brand, the ‘EXPERT’ range of cartridges. Initially just for toners this will spread to inkjets as well in the future.


Based on experience and customer feedback the ‘Expert’ brand will become the mainstay of our product offering in the near future.

Simple, crisp and clear styling creates a professional look that will give your customers confidence before they even open the product.

Expert range