In October 2020 BCD approached Pure Sea offering funding and support for its quest to obtain charitable status and protecting the future of our oceans. Pure Sea a non-profit organisation, dedicated to protecting and replenishing the future of our oceans. They are passionate about protecting marine life, raising awareness and creative positive change to prevent further plastic pollution from entering the ocean. Pure Seas arranges beach cleans across the UK and provides funding whenever possible to organisations around the world to help protect our oceans and the marine life within it. They also attend local schools with the ‘Little Ripples’ project to educate young children.

BCD have helped Pure Sea organise a fun run and raisedsponsorship through this, £500 of which went to Mexico to help turtles and their offspring caught up in pollution to make it off the beaches and back into the oceans, an ongoing issue. BCD have also helped Pure Sea to raise the money needed to apply for Charity status.

Working with a smaller organisation like Pure Sea allows BCD to really make an impact and to get visibility of the difference we are making.

As part of the Government WEEE Directive regarding the disposal of ink and toner cartridges, BCD Supplies Ltd can offer an ink and toner recycling service.

BCD provide a complete loop recycling service. Working with the largest UK recycler that can guarantee a full circle ethical recycling solution, ensuring that all products are recycled via a 2 stage process. All products that can be reused are sorted into the right channels for their recirculation, the remainder will be recycled in accordance with the latest environmental legislation. These components are separated during the process so that the raw materials can
be reused in the manufacturing industry, therefore producing a zero waste to landfill policy and zero waste to incineration.

BCD will provide your customer with a recycling box to place the toners in for collection. Once a suitable number of toners are ready for collection, normally around 20, your customer contacts you to organise collection and you contact us to arrange.





Sustainability has been a core part of BCD’s journey from the start of our business. Overtime we have expanded the impact we have and the options we provide to our resellers to take advantage of.

The latest addition to this has been joining the Office Friendly Weaver programme and working towards accreditation, the first distributor to take part in this vehicle.

  • BCD work with and support Pure Sea, an environmental organisation dedicated to cleaning the oceans and beaches of plastic pollution which is such a key issue at this time. Resellers can directly get involved in the work Pure Sea do.
  • BCD’s own packaging is made entirely from recycled cardboard and the lacquer gloss finish on it is water based so as to be biodegradable.
  • BCD provide a Refurbished MPS offering allowing resellers to provide this element as part of their circular economy offering.
  • BCD offer a cartridge recycling service, an element that will become more and more important to your customers, with an increasing focus on avoiding waste and land fill and the tightening of the WEEE directive over time.

We are also working on a project to provide refurbished OEM toner cartridges and bottles. The used units are refilled with unused OEM toner from machines collected for refurbishment therefore providing a complete recycled OEM unit but at much reduced costs.